Handling database indexes for Rails polymorphic associations

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5 Responses to “Handling database indexes for Rails polymorphic associations”

  1. Jantzen Says:

    Exactly what I was looking for; however, several paragraphs and code examples are repeated twice.

  2. Maurício Linhares Says:

    Hi Jantzen,

    I did not notice that, but now it’s fixed, thanks for pointing it out :)

  3. ZachZ Says:

    By the way, index column order DOES matter to some DBMS’s such as PostgreSQL. In the case, you’ll want to consider the order in which columns are considered in the generated SQL statements from ActiveRecord.

    In my own limited testing, AR seems to generate “id” then “type”, for the association’s WHERE clause. So your last example index would correctly cover it!

    index :comments, [:commentable_id, :commentable_type]

  4. David Sousa Says:

    Opa, tudo bom?
    Aqui, eu acho que o inicio do topico esta duplicado nele mesmo… Da uma olhada.

    t mais.

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