Given that I have finally decided to blog more often now, I’ve created a new blog to be able to do things my way, the TechBot.

All posts and comments placed on here have already been moved so nothing is lost, let’s move on and keep on improving!


SQL functions in WHERE clauses are evil

This post has been moved to my new blog, check it out!

This blog is being terminated :)


Well, finally I managed to start an English written blog, let’s see how far this will go. Here you will probably find articles, code samples and news about development in general, probably a lot of things about Java and Ruby, that are currently my preferred languages, but I shall also write about other languages once in a while, if I get my hands dirty enought with them to give a shot at it.

So, why codeshooter?

No, I’m not a defending the use of guns, in truth, here in Brazil you can’t even have one at your home, it just happens that I’m reading Stephen King’s “Dark Tower” novels and I’m really impressed with Roland from Gilead and all that gunslinger thing, and I thought that it was a good name that no one has ever used (at least I haven’t seen any other).

That’s all, let’s start shootin’!

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