Why I am not using Masochism for my master-slave setups and why monkey-patching isn’t the only solution

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13 Responses to “Why I am not using Masochism for my master-slave setups and why monkey-patching isn’t the only solution”

  1. Apie Says:

    Sounds good – enjoyed the post. Nicely argued aswell. When the need arises I will look here for a solution. :)

  2. John Says:

    Is there any legacy plugin from technoweenie which as not being replaced by a far better one ? :P

    • Maurício Linhares Says:

      I still find attachment_fu the best solution for attachments :)

      • Jack Harkness Says:

        Really! Why don’t you like about Paperclip?

        • Maurício Linhares Says:

          S3 and Cloudfront support :)

          • rick Says:

            Of if I’m not mistaken, you added cloudfront support, right? Your name sounds very familiar :) I replaced my own legacy plugin actually… the rewrite branch of attachment_fu kicks much more ass. I’ve literally been using it for about a year and a half, but it’s been hiding in a non-master branch because I haven’t had time to write decent docs for it.

          • Maurício Linhares Says:

            Now I don’t remember it either. I did integrate Cloudfront to attachment_fu but right now I’m not really sure if I handled it back to the project, it’s been a long time since I did it.

            But anyway, I’m still using attachment_fu a lot and will definitely look into your new branch, maybe I can contribute with the docs that are not there yet, the plugin helped me a lot, maybe it’s time to give something back.

          • rick Says:

            That’s cool.. I also have some s3/image handling features to push up too. My github message queue is insane. I’ve kind of been taking a break from the OSS scene this year if you can tell…

    • rick Says:

      Why didn’t you just submit the code to masochism? I’d take a full rewrite (it’s a tiny plugin anyway), and then everyone can benefit. Plus, you get more users using your code that can point out problems.

      The masochism plugin is kind of funny. I wrote it as a joke in response to some other weird master/slave plugin. I’ve never really used it though, but all these other people say it rocks and sent me lots of fixes. *shrug*

      • Maurício Linhares Says:

        Hey Rick,

        Well, I didn’t submit ‘cos it was “another” plugin. I never thought that you’d accept it as a “replacement” ;D

        • rick Says:

          Ah I realize it can be a tough call to make. You’d have to either support the masochism’s API pretty closely or provide a good migration path. Not trying to start some shit or anything :)

  3. Sebastian Says:

    Heh… I guess independent reinvention of the wheel is the best confirmation that your thoughts were on the right track.


    I should have promoted it better.

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